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digital tip qr code solution

Edgar Tips, the most effective digital tips solution on the market

Generate more tips to help you recruit/retain your staff and improve your CSR policy thanks to Edgar Tips, the no-engagement digital tip solution by QR code !


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Sources : Banque de France 2019, INSEE 2021 and Lyf 2021


Discover Edgar in 1 min, tops !

qr code digital tips

Increase staff member tips by 70%.

To build employee loyalty, encourage customers to leave digital tips through the QR-code. Customers no longer need cash, just one click and they’re done!

Increase 5☆ reviews by 50% each month.

Because today digital visibility is crucial, encourage satisfied customers to share their positive experience on Google, at the touch of a button !

online reputation digital tips

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Generate more tips to recruit & build employee loyalty !

  • Tip staff members at any time
  • In just 3 clicks from a smartphone with the QR code
  • Individual or collective tipping
  • Fully customizable interface
  • Automatically in the language of the phone
  • No download
  • Subscription-free, commitment-free & ad-free

No subscription

No engagement

No advertising

How much does it cost ?

Our digital tips QR code solution is subscription-free, commitment-free and ad-free. In short, it’s hassle-free ! So you may wonder… how do we earn money ? It’s very simple, we take a small commission on the tips generated through our QR code, thus, allowing us to offer you a win-win solution !

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